Redesigning Jobs

for The Environmental Services Industry Masterclass

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What will be covered in the Masterclass?
  • Introduction to Job Redesign (JR)
  • Industry challenges and how Outcome-Based Contracting (OBC) will affect jobs
  • How to apply the 4D JR Framework
  • Adoption of progressive human capital practices to support JR
  • Group activities, case studies and presentations of JR solutions
  • Introduction to various government funding schemes for JR
  • Develop a workable implementation plan for your workforce based on your key business concerns by the end of the Masterclass using 4D JR Framework
  • Optional post masterclass in-person coaching session by facilitators
  • Click Here for more information: Job Redesign ES Masterclass Nov 2022

Image Credit: Freepik

Course Pre-requisites

Many companies are facing increasing pressures to transform and evolve their businesses; and ongoing labour challenges. To mitigate the challenges ahead, it is essential that your organization powers on in its transformation journey towards multi-skilling your workforce.

Workforce Singapore (WSG) and EMAS are pleased to jointly organize the “Redesigning Jobs for the Environmental Services Industry Masterclass” in the month of Nov.

With the support of our knowledge partner AAARYA Business College in this Job Redesign Masterclass workshop, participants can gain an understanding of industry challenges and how Outcome-Based Contracting (OBC) will affect jobs, know more about the various government funding schemes for JR, and importantly, learn how to apply job redesign techniques towards boosting team capabilities and productivity.

For a hands-on approach, attendees will be required to develop and submit a workable implementation plan (relevant to their business concerns) as one of the key takeaways from the Masterclass. In addition, there will also be an optional post-Masterclass in-person coaching session by our Facilitators.

Workshop Details:

For more information, kindly refer to the attached EDM. To sign up, please complete this application form.

Do feel free to contact us for any queries. We look forward to seeing you in this month’s workshop!

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