Enviro Tech Innovation Hub @ TP (ETIH@TP) Fact Sheet
07 Jun, Wed


What is ETIH@TP

• To establish an ideation & learning space for development, test-bedding and sharing of industrial best practices and benchmarking for industrial adoption in collaboration with industry players, trade associations, institutes of higher learning (IHLs) and government agencies.

• Working closely with partners, ETIH@TP aims to gather different perspectives and thoughts and transform them into ideas and projects to create products and services that could uplift the entire environmental cleaning industry.

• We also aim to upskill the workforce with facilitated training and coaching programmes that are validated collectively by government agencies, IHLs and trade associations.


The underlying inspiration to initiate ETIH@TP

• Because of urbanization, Covid-19 pandemic and mandatory Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, the demand for environmental cleaning services continues to rise.

• The common approach of increasing manpower to meet the service demand, quantitatively and qualitatively, is not sustainable as a result of our manpower constraints and aging society.

• It is therefore crucial to transform and level up the environmental cleaning industry by optimizing operations and processes, developing and adopting technologies as well as upskilling workers for long term productivity gain and sustainable growth.

• In alignment with the objectives of the Environment Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM), EITH@TP aims to make our contribution by developing capability, test-bedding and sharing of industrial best practices and benchmarks for adoption of robotics & automation technologies in Built Environment, digital performance/outcome evaluation for productivity and low carbon emission operation in Built Environment.


Who are involved in ETIH@TP

• National Environment Agency (NEA), Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and enviro tech consortia.

• ETIH@TP is a Living Laboratory hosted in Temasek Polytechnic (TP), coordinated by TP, EMAS and LS 2 Holdings Limited in collaboration with enviro tech consortium partners namely Republic Power Pte Ltd, Cleantools Pte Ltd, Karcher Singapore Pte Ltd & Nilfisk Pte Ltd.


Source of this article by LS2 Holdings Limited, refer to this: 230607_Factsheet_for_Enviro_Tech_Innovation_Hub_at_TP