EMAS Mission Trip: Interclean Amsterdam 2018

Venue: Interclean Amsterdam


Date: 15th – 18th May

15 May, Tue

Target: 50

23  Members Firms had embarked on a mission trip accompanied by Guest Of Honour, SMS Dr Amy Khor, MEWR and NEA, ESG joined in for exclusive visits as follows:

  1. Booth visits: Diversey, 3M, Cleantools, Gaussian Robotics, Excolab, Karcher, Fimap,
  2. Healthcare Learning LAB Demonstration of cleaning patient rooms and operating rooms.
    The Healthcare Learning LAB will also feature recent research specialized cleaning
    practices and new products that are specially developed for the healthcare industry
  3. Vereniging Schoonmaak Research (VSR) (Association for Cleaning Research ~ Dutch equivalent of EMAS) – Learn how commercial premises in the Netherlands procure and manage Outcome/Performance Based Cleaning Services, hosted at RAI.
  4. Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) – Learn about Dutch standards related to cleaning services; learn how NEN standards could be applied to manage cleaning services in Singapore particularly in the commercial cleaning sector and facilities management.

The trip was rounded up by EMAS dinner treat co-hosted by Karcher for our participants at Restaurant de Vijff Vlieghen