EMAS SG Cares - ES Workforce Appreciation Day

Date: 11th March 2020

Venue: Republic Polytechnic

05 Feb, Wed

SG Cares – ES Workforce Appreciation Day on 11 March 2020 was co-organised by EMAS and WMRAS

Our Guest of Honour, Dr Amy Khor gave an opening speech to cleaning companies and cleaners to show our

heart-felt appreciation for their hard work in keeping the Singapore environment clean and hygienic during

the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr Amy Khor speaking on the automatic extension, for 6 months, of cleaning licenses for cleaning companies

to lessen their administrative burden during the current COVID-19 situation so they can focus on their

cleaning efforts.

Zaobao press release about the event.


Mr Thong Jong Woei, Director of Marvel Clean (a cleaning enterprise with 80 workers) and Assistant Secretary of EMAS, said that the automatic licence renewal is very helpful for his firm. The resources saved from having an automatic license renewal can be deployed to the frontline and also to attend courses which equips them with the knowledge on how to don and doff personal protection equipment and the correct disinfection procedures.