Training & Research



EMAS is encouraging the involvement of internship programmes with tertiary institututions for the development of future PMETs for the industry. The association hopes that this will shape the future minds in terms of the value an opportunities within this industry. This long term view has been initiated by the association to ensure that the industry remain relevant for the future.

Current internship arrangements will be assisted and co-ordinated for  all EMAS members. Our first valued partner is Republic Polytechnic and students from the faculty of applied sciences have been involved in internships with several member companies in EMAS. They have worked in several departments ranging from admin, sales, customer service, operations and assistance on audit preparations. While guidance has to be provided by the company, some of these internships have been successful in obtaining subsequent employment in the companies that they have interned with.

Those interested, please contact us and we can help facilitate these internship.

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EMAS hopes to engage in industry led studies that will benefit its members. Members interested to initiate an industry study should contact the Executive Committee as we hope to be able to embark on a study of relevance every 2 years.

2010 Study: Understanding the drivers that influence the decisions on requirements and standards on environmental health

The aim of the study was to better understand perception that the industry has with environmental health. What are the key drivers that influence the service buyers? The study was conducted in several market segments. While there was limited response, there was a consistent trend that was seen….

The study was conducted by Republic Polytechnic students as their Final year project.

The results of the study are available to all EMAS members. Please contact the EMAS secretariat for your copy.