Member Benefits



By joining EMAS, you become part of the larger community serving the cleaning & pest control industry in Singapore. As a member of the community, you stand to gain valuable business information and latest developments in the industry from a wide network of contacts, giving you an edge over competitors. Your participation serves to advance the interests and assist in facilitating a more vibrant growth environment for the cleaning & pest control industry. EMAS aims to help your business to flourish in Singapore & the region and provides a key platform for your voice to be heard through proactive advocacy.






Category Description Entrance Fee Subscription Fee
  SME Ordinary Member Any environmental hygiene companies registered in Singapore whose business activity fall within the objects of the Association.  Pay-Up Capital Less than $50,000  Waive $300
  Ordinary Member Any environmental hygiene companies registered in Singapore whose business activity fall within the objects of the Association. $300 $600
  Associate Member
(Equipment Vendors)
Any local or foreign organisations whose business is related to environmental and hygienic services in Singapore. $100 $600
  Institutional Member
Any associations, institutions or societies whose activities fall within the objects of the Association. $100 $600




EMAS is the platform for advocating the industry needs to government agencies and associations. We have previously worked with various organizations in spear-heading programs & initiatives for the cleaning & pest control industry. Some of them include:

Government Agencies:
Ministry of Manpower, Workforce Development Agency, Building Construction Authority, Unit for Casual & Contract Workers (UCCW), NTUC, SPRING Singapore, National Environmental Agency etc…

Asia Building Management Association (ABMA), Restroom Association (RAS), Italian Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Professional Cleaning Equipment and Products (AFIDAMP), Federation of Asian and Oceanic Pest Managers Association (FAOPMA)

Your membership will help EMAS to focus resources on the common needs of the cleaning & pest control industry, therefore directly benefiting your company. Other Initiatives include trade missions, training programs and manpower recruitment.


EMAS provides our members the opportunity to gain visibility for their company, brand, management & employees, products and services. Some of these opportunities are:

Company Profile
EMAS website profiles details of member companies. In addition, members are given opportunity to post relevant information of their company should they wish to.

Advertising and Sponsorship
Advertising through EMAS and sponsoring EMAS events provides valuable opportunities for companies to build their corporate brands and establish visibility with customers, partners, employees and suppliers.


EMAS provides members with visibility and leadership opportunities such as:

Participation in Executive Committee
EMAS is structured to be a self-managed, self-funded and non-profit organization directed by the industry through its members. Policy and government initiative co-ordination is accomplished via a 6-person Executive Committee comprising of 4 Appointment Holders and 2 EXCO Members. Election of the Executive Committee is
conducted every bi-annually.

Speaking Opportunities
EMAS actively participates in industry events and member companies have the opportunities to participate in these events through presentations & speeches.

Participation in Nation-wide Awards/Events
EMAS is recognized as a valuable contributor to nationwide efforts in cleaning & pest control and has been invited regularly to contribute its expertise in award panels by government agencies.


EMAS provides an excellent platform for businesses looking towards growing their business and building their brand, corporate profile, contacts and networks. Regular networking opportunities in various formats, such as talks, networking & exchange sessions, facilitate the exchange & sharing of knowledge & ideas, enabling members to stay connected and establish key contacts in the industry.

With its associated networks in the region with other trade associations, it aims to continue to promote the regional expansion for its members.

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