Event  2017

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Month Dates Description Venue Target
January 25 Jan,Wed MOM SGSecure Networking Night Furama City Centre 300
February 10 Feb, Fri EMAS CNY Lou Hei Luncheon
Concorde Hotel 210
February 16 Feb,Thu NEA - EMAS Dialogue Environmental Building 30
February 17 Feb, Fri MDIS Breakfast Talk - ISIS and Global Economy Impact MDIS Auditorium 150
March 23-25 Mar Expo Clean & Expo Laundry 2017 (Guest Speaker: EMAS President) Jakarta International Expo 12
April 26 - 28 Apr Expo Clean for Commercial Properties and Hotels 2017 Shanghai New Intl Expo Centre  10
April 28 Apr, Fri  MDIS Breakfast Talk - Economic Outlook and Market Insights 2017 MDIS Auditorium 150
May 13 May, Sat May Day Partner Award - EMAS Orchid Country Club 200
May 23 May,Tue E2i Clean Green Safe Seminar on Digitalisation & Technology Adoption Devan Nair Institute, Jurong 200
June 16 Jun, Fri MDIS Breakfast talk on Internationlization - New Challenges & New Pathways for Business MDIS Auditorium 150
June 23 Jun, Fri  CDG/CIP Grant - Autonomous Scrubbers and  Automation Technology Training Masters 80
August 17Aug,Thu EMAS Golf Championship Keppel Golf Club 90
September 19-22 Sep  Cleaning Management Services Messe Berlin, Germany -
October 3 - 4 Oct EcoCare Forum 2017 Moscow, Russia -
October 14 Oct, Sat EMAS Fulsal Tournament Kovan Sport Centre 140
October 27 Oct, Fri MDIS  HR Conference C-Suite event One Farrer Hotel & Spa 500
November 10 Nov, Fri EMAS Annual General Meeting (Election) Safra Toa Payoh  50
November 24 Nov, Fri Members Night - Wine Appreciation Mahota 20

EMAS Chinese New Year Loh Hei 2017


Expo Clean & Expo Laundry March 2017 in Jakarta (Guest Speaker: EMAS President) 

May Day Partner Award 2017 - EMAS

Tripartite Cleaners Cluster 2017

EMAS 30th Anniversary and Chinese New Year Loh Hei 2016

Israel Pest Talk on New Innovation 2016


World Federation of Building Service Contractors - Tokyo International Forum 2016

Bowling Tournament 2016   



CESS 2016 - CleanEnviro Summit Spore


EMAS signs two other MOUs with IFMA and Training Masters to facilitate a shift in contract management and training for the local cleaning industry.

Golf Championship 2016

Futsal Tournament 2016


EMAS Members Night 2016