Dear Friends from the environmental health industry, I stand before you today as a representative of a cleaning company, empowered to shape the future of our industry. How did this come about? We all know that our industry is one that has traditionally been rather fragmented, and sadly, faces intense competition largely as a result from the low barriers of entry.

EMAS was founded in 1986, by some forward looking service providers in contract cleaning, pest control and waste management industries, who also faced the same issues and felt the need to come together to address commonality of issues and to look at ways of continuously developing the industry for the future.

The Environmental Management Association of Singapore aims to address the needs and concerns of all of us in the environmental health industry. It was founded by industry members for industry members, and we affectionately refer to this association as EMAS.

2016 is a milestone for the Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS).

It marks 30 years since our inception. We continue to uphold our mission of providing a cohesive platform for companies in the environmental health industry, to address the common challenges within our industry and to raise professional standards across the board. This pursuit is further manifested by the quarterly dialogue with the National Environment Agency and regular meetings with Workforce Development Agency and the Building Construction and Timber Industries Employees’ Union (BATU).

EMAS is represented in Tripartite Cleaning Cluster chaired by NTUC, Tripartite Committee For Low Wage Workers and Inclusive Growth chaired by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) , Public Hygiene Council, Workplace Safety and Health Council chaired MOM and Cleaning Sectoral Tripartite Committee Chaired by National Environment Agency. Our association has been actively promoting Licensing and Accreditation of the cleaning industry since the regulation came into effect in 2014. We are supportive of the Progressive Wage Model scheme to improve the livelihood our employees.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all government agencies, the union and members who have contributed towards support and success through EMAS’s platform for the cleaning industry.

EMAS will continue to be the conduit for industry players to engage the government, service buyers and the union. We will constantly strive to uplift the industry’s professionalism by organizing seminars and events to provide knowledge and technical expertise for our valued members.

We are looking forward to cleaning companies, suppliers and institutions to cleaning industry to join us in this Corporate pursuit.

Thank you.

Mr Milton Ng